Where space is limited for a new home why not put rainwater storage underground. Ideal for new builds when machines can dig in the tanks. Existing homes can have underground tanks, however access to the block is required for excavators and bobcats.

• Rainwater stays cool and free from light when underground
• Made from polyethylene
• 15 year warranty
• Delivery included
• Can be positioned in gardens or under driveways and be trafficable (with a dome shaft and cast iron lid)
• From 1500 to 7500 litres, or larger if tanks are interlinked
• Can have integrated filters and pumps inside the tank
• Low installation depth on some tanks meaning a smaller excavation footprint (less requirement for large excavation machines and the chance of hitting rock at deeper levels)

Water Capture can size up and install these tanks to your home, or organise delivery.

Turrent for an underground rainwater tank

Turrent for an underground watertank

This is the turrent for an underground rainwater tank. There are many more lined up behind this one. It is part of a development of 36 houses all having a rainwater system. Photo is not fantastic…. but difficult when they are underground.

Underground rainwater tank
Before and after - underground rainwater tanks located under the deck

Before and after – underground rainwater tanks are safely and neatly located under the deck. You would not know they were there. 

Underground Rainwater Tanks

Volume [l]Length [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Weight[kg]
Underground rainwater tank lids
Underground poly rainwater tank

Underground poly rainwater tank