Colorbond slimline tank on a stand connected for garden watering

Colorbond slimline tank on a stand connected for garden watering

Building a new house and you would like a rainwater tank?


There are two options

• Install a rainwater tank near the house and have a tap on it for watering your garden


• Get your builder to adjust the internal plumbing inside the house whilst building and have rainwater from the tank pumped to your toilets and washing machine or more.


Poly slimline tank with connections

3000L Poly slimline tank with connections

A common set-up now, even with some new developments around Fremantle, is to plan the new home to have:

• a 3000 litre slimline rainwater tank
• roof capture directing rainwater into the tank
• a submersible pump inside the tank
• dedicated plumbing inside the house whereby rainwater is supplied to the toilets and washing machine
• an auto mains/rainwater changeover device, for when the tank is empty it automatically reverts to mains water

Prior to Building discuss with Water Capture your rainwater options and requirements

• How big a rainwater tank do you want?
• Where will the rainwater tank be located?
• How many downpipes can we direct into the tank?
• Where in the house do we want the rainwater to go?
• What level of Filtration are we aiming for?

3000L Green poly slimline tank connected to house
Poly rainwater tank for a new home

Poly rainwater tank for a new home

Stage 1 – Provisions for Rainwater Installed – during the build process by the builder.

• The builder’s plumber provides a copper loop on the outside wall of the house that will direct rain water to the toilets and washing machine
• Have a power point installed near this loop for the pump
• Plan to have access to a soak well where the tank overflow can go
• Provide a concrete or paved plinth/base slightly larger than the rainwater tank for it to sit on

Stage 2 – Tank, pump and pipework – completion of the build, by Water Capture.

• We bring in the rainwater tank and connect the downpipes into it
• Overflow from the tank is run to soak wells
• Submersible pump is positioned inside the tank (can be a surface mounted pump)
• Install an auto mains/rainwater changeover device into the copper loop
• Set up the pipework, filtration and other options such as pressure vessels, water meters, water level gauges, valves etc
• Once there is rainwater in the tank we test the system