IRRIGATION (Reticulation)

Perhaps the most important aspect of your Greywater system is the Irrigation. Part of our Services is to supply, design and install Greywater Dripline.

Greywater is dispersed via Dripline. The reason for dripline is to avoid run-off and human contact of the water, reduce evaporation and plant disease, deliver the water directly to the root zone, and eliminate wind drift and “over-spray”. The same benefits of dripline are also there for Mains water or Bore water Irrigation (no staining to walls and fences also).

Greywater dripline to a new garden

Greywater dripline to a new garden


Greywater dripline is defined by its Lilac colour. It has a high flow rate, generally each emitter will distribute in the range of 6-9 litres per hour. These emitters are spaced at 300 mm intervals along the dripline and the dripline is in the range of 13-17 mm in diameter. Each emitter has a large internal filter to stop it clogging. Periodic flushing of the dripline is required to keep it clean. Depending on the plant varieties and soil types will determine how far we space the driplines from each other. Light sandy soils will drain the greywater away quickly compared to compacted heavy soils (loams and clay). The lighter the soil the closer the driplines should be. Plants with a high water requirement should have driplines spaced closer together than those with a lower water requirement. Consideration should be given to the extent of the root system – large canopies will generally have a large root system so don’t just simply dripline around the trunk.

Dripline greywater irrigation prior to planting

Dripline greywater irrigation prior to planting


Dripline Irrigation can be installed to your garden in many different ways. We generally transfer the greywater in 25 mm Lilac LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) from the pump to the garden beds or lawn areas. In garden beds the dripline is placed on top of the soil and then mulched over. The mulching reduces evaporation and hides the dripline in the garden bed. For sub-surface, or irrigating lawn areas, we position the dripline in the soil approximately 100 mm below the finished grass level. For “under lawn” applications it is really only possible when putting in new lawns. We then wrap the dripline in geotextile. This prevents the possibility of the grass roots wanting to grow into the emitters and stops the chances of the emitters sucking soil into the filters as water drains from the dripline. Setting up Greywater Irrigation is different to Mains or Bore water dripline irrigation as we are dealing with different pump pressures, variable pump out volumes and ‘Grey’ water which will have some contaminants in it. The dripline can either be set up in grid lines for mass plantings or coiled around individual plants. As with all dripline reticulation systems we need to have vacuum points and flush points.

Dripline greywater irrigation wrapped in geotextile

Dripline greywater irrigation wrapped in geotextile

Dripline greywater irrigation after planting

The same Dripline greywater irrigation after planting

Accredited Installer of Award Winning AWWS Greyflow Greywater Systems

AWWS Systems come with a 2 Year Warranty if they are installed by an Accredited Installer and Serviced at 12 months by an Accredited Installer.

We recommend the AWWS Greyflow Greywater Products

  • AWWS is a Perth based company with systems researched and developed for Australian conditions.
  • AWWS systems have won a range of awards and are sold Worldwide.
  • AWWS has an unsurpassed warranty and backup service.
AWWS Greywater Awards and Water Marks
Water Capture - Mark Harland - GWIG Member - Greywater and Wastewater Industry Group

Mark Harland & Water Capture have been a Member of GWIG (Greywater & Wastewater Industry Group) since inception.

Mark Harland is the Treasurer at GWIG.

I love using Grey water in my garden because it allows me to minimise the use of scheme water in our garden watering regime with only small changes to the type of cleaning products we use in our laundry and bathroom. It also allows me peace of mind every time I take a shower knowing the water isn’t just going down the drain but directly into my beloved garden. Mark Harland from Water Capture installed my greywater tank and greywater irrigation with the usual high standard of professionalism he is known for. I trust Mark's honesty and the quality of his workmanship every time.

Andrew Beck
Sustainable Garden Design Perth

Mark from Water Capture does a remarkable job when it comes to the supplying and installing rainwater and greywater reuse systems for homes as he has been working in this field since 2005. Water Capture is a Greyflow Certified Installation company and as a result can offer 2 years warranty (instead of the standard one year) on all Greyflow and rainwater capture products installed.

Sam Milani
AWWS - GreyFlow Greywater Reuse Systems

Thank you for the fantastic job ‘Water Capture’ did on converting our pool into a rainwater storage tank. It was nice to see such fine workmanship, attention to detail, and great execution of the job. The finished job looks amazing. We were particularly impressed with the way you left the site each day, tidy and organised. Thank you also for keeping us constantly informed of what you were doing and making suggestions along the way as to how to best benefit from the conversion - such as using the collected water for the downstairs toilet.
We look forward to watering our garden in the summer months with the collected rainwater and the subsurface irrigation system you installed, GUILT FREE!!
We will be recommending you to anyone we meet that is looking to do the same thing!

Jay and Marlene
City Beach