Greywater is the wastewater coming from the showers, baths, laundry and vanities. It does not include the toilet water or kitchen water as this waste water requires too much treatment to make it re-useable.

Gardens and lawns need water, especially in Summer. Greywater is produced all year round in the home. Why use mains water, which is becoming more and more costly, to keep your gardens looking good when your greywater is perfectly good. Today’s modern Greywater Systems are reliable, cheaper and may only require annual maintenance. Not only that, they are an alternative to a mains irrigation system. Gardens can now look good all year round regardless of watering restrictions and droughts.

Many new sub-divisions in Perth now require that new homes have not only Rainwater tanks installed but also Greywater Systems.

What is Greywater?
Greywater Diversion Systems (GDD), the most commonly used, intercept the homes drainage pipework. After some basic filtration to reduce the hair, lint and soap scum the water is then generally pumped to the gardens. This is another form of water harvesting whereby we are collecting waste water from the home that would normally go to the sewer and reusing it on gardens that would normally be fed by mains water.

Greywater is a reliable source of water. Most homes will generate a regular supply regardless of the climate and it is not affected by rainfall. It is possible for your entire garden to be fed from the Greywater coming from inside your home. This is not only reducing your dependence on the town mains supply but moving towards becoming more sustainable and self-sufficient. Significant reductions in Water Bills can also be achieved.

Accredited Installer of Award Winning AWWS Greyflow Greywater Systems

AWWS Systems come with a 2 Year Warranty if they are installed by an Accredited Installer and Serviced at 12 months by an Accredited Installer.

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  • AWWS is a Perth based company with systems researched and developed for Australian conditions.
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AWWS Greywater Awards and Water Marks
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