Mark's Greywater Garden - Greywater System Garden Case Study - Fremantle

A Greywater System in Perth can be very beneficial to your garden with our climate

We have many very dry, hot summer months in Perth, and our Mains and Bore watering restrictions mean we can only water two days per week. On top of this our annual rainfall is decreasing. We don’t need to hand water our gardens, or let them suffer over Summer. If more people take control of their homes water usage we could avoid building another desalinisation plant. Greywater is the answer.

Perth people have embraced solar pv systems on their roof. We love the thought of embracing natures energy. With water in the home, we can capture rainwater for usage inside the home to flush toilets and run washing machines. Greywater is using the homes water a second time to go on our garden plants. We don’t need drinking quality water on our garden beds.


A Greywater diversion system that is connected to your home will send that shower/bath water and washing machine water directly to your gardens every time you shower or wash clothes.

In Perth we have the best available Greywater systems in the World. AWWS, Advanced Waste Water Systems, also known as the Greyflow systems have won many awards. Owned and operated by Sam Milani locally. His systems are now exported to many countries around the world and they are continually being improved as the industry grows. The warranty and back up service provided by AWWS is unsurpassed.

AWWS Water Corporation Winner-Marks-House greywater system
Greywater system garden path - Mark's House


A new home in Beaconsfield, near Fremantle, has recently installed a Greyflow PS Self clean system. This is a below ground unit suitable for bathroom and laundry and the most common system used in Perth for new homes.

The Builder’s kit was installed during the build process when the drainage pipes went in the ground.

After the home was completed the rest of the system was installed. The pump and the cabinet on the wall with the controller and air blower. A 300 watt pump was used, a medium size pump suitable for most homes gardens.

Dripline irrigation was then positioned to the garden beds to irrigate the new plants.



Greywater garden system - Side of the House- Mark's House

As shower and laundry water enters the Greyflow system a float is activated at the high level mark. The pump is then activated to send this water to the dripline irrigation in the garden beds.

A self-cleaning operation is activated periodically to clean the filter. This process sends dirty particulates to the sewer.

The dripline pipe in the gardens has emitters spaced at 30 cm intervals that provides an even dispersal of greywater to the plants. Approximately 100 lineal metres of dripline has been set up in a grid pattern, with new plants positioned near the dripline emitters.

Maintenance of this system will be required at a minimum of yearly. Preferably the dripline should be flushed out and the filter cleaned 6 monthly to prolong the systems life.


Mark's House - Greywater System and Costs

The Greyflow PS Self clean system with 300 watt pump$2550
Irrigation dripline, fittings and pipework $500
Plumbers to install Builder’s kit unit into drainage works $500
Labour to set up the Finishing Kit and Irrigation $1000
Powerpoint $200
City of Fremantle fees ($236 fee refunded upon EHO inspection) $0
Drawings and Plans (by the home owner) $0
TOTAL $4750