Greywater Systems - GreyFlow PS

Ideal for:

• Perfect for New homes with 2 stage installation. Builders kit at plumbing pre-lay stage (Home now becomes greywater ready). Final installation when home owner moves in.
• Whole of home collection (bathroom, laundry and evap. air con). Suitable for existing homes.

• Installation regardless of the depth to sewer/greywater pipes.
• Three or more home occupants with gardens larger than 50 sqm.

Greyflow PS Builders Kit

GreyFlow PS Builders Kit

Features and Benefits:

• Compact design, Small footprint, No machines required for install.
• Auto self-cleaning mechanism available meaning once a year maintenance.
• Most popular Greywater System used in Perth, suitable for both Retro fits and New homes.
• Comes in many variations depending on budget and location.
• Three or more home occupants with gardens larger than 50 sqm.

• Pump size can be increased for lawn irrigation or long/high pump outs.
• Watermark Approved, 2 year warranty (Certified installer).
• System can easily be turned “Off” to allow Greywater to go to sewer.
• 100 mm Inlet and outlet, ready for whole of home.


• Below ground installation only.
• Easily adjustable height level. Can be used with very deep sewer pipes. No Invert restrictions.
• Grey water dripline can be installed to existing or new garden beds and also new lawn areas. With the addition of a GF Rotor we can distribute the greywater to up to 6 separate stations. This thenbecomes the homes drip irrigation system, an effective irrigation solution.
• Requires 240 V power to operate.

Greyflow PS Pump Controller Installed

GreyFlow PS Pump and Controller Installed

Greyflow PS Finished Levels

GreyFlow PS Finished Levels