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I wanted to convert our concrete pool into a water tank and plumb it to the house, but it was just an idea. Discussing it with Mark it became a reality. I found he was thoughtful about how it could be done. He looked for the best options both financially and practically. He turned up when he said he would, and completed the job within budget and in the time frame that he had set. I don’t have a pool to clean anymore and I have rainwater plumbed to the house for my showers. Mark’s creativity and integrity made this all possible. I can’t recommend Water Capture highly enough. Thanks Mark!

Denise ~ Fremantle

It was a pleasure to work with Mark in building the rainwater tank using the Versitanks and that the finished result has more than met our expectations - not only have we significantly increased the size of our vegie garden but we have had sufficient water to carry our entire veggie garden (which consists of three 'plots') through what was a very hot and dry summer. We also decided to build a small pond in which we have added some water lilies and fish. This too has been a source of great delight to my wife and myself. The little top-up water required is supplied from the rainwater tank.

Just yesterday as we were planting out a mix of broccoli, beans, sugar snap peas and chard my wife remarked on the joy and satisfaction these changes resulting from replacing the swimming pool with the Tank and garden have given us.

John ~ North Fremantle

Thank you for the fantastic job ‘Water Capture’ did on converting our pool into a rainwater storage tank. It was nice to see such fine workmanship, attention to detail, and great execution of the job. The finished job looks amazing. We were particularly impressed with the way you left the site each day, tidy and organised.

Thank you also for keeping us constantly informed of what you were doing and making suggestions along the way as to how to best benefit from the conversion - such as using the collected water for the downstairs toilet.

We look forward to watering our garden in the summer months with the collected rainwater and the subsurface irrigation system you installed, GUILT FREE!!

We will be recommending you to anyone we meet that is looking to do the same thing!

Best wishes with your growing business.

Jay and Marlene ~ City Beach

Reviews From Google Maps

We got Mark from 'Water Capture' to install a rainwater tank and a greywater system to our house in Fremantle. The toilets and washing machine are now connected to rain water. When there is rainwater in the tank it gets pumped into the house. The greywater system feeds our garden. Now, every time we have a shower all that water goes on the plants, not to waste down the drain. We now feel guilt free having a long shower in Summer. We feel great about all the water savings we'll now get in the future. Thanks Mark

Vincent Heale

Mark from Water Capture installed a grey water system in our house 8 years ago and it is still going strong. He has serviced it for us in this time and it is still going strong. I have always found Mark to be very professional and easy to deal with, as well as very knowledgable. I would happily recommend him to other people who are looking to go down the grey water route.

Andrew Beck

Mark from Water Capture does a remarkable job when it comes to the supplying and installing a rainwater and greywater reuse systems for homes as he has been working in this field since 2005. Water Capture is a Greyflow Certified Installation company and as a result can offer 2 years warranty (instead of the standard one year) on all Greyflow and rainwater capture products installed.

Sam Milani